First Aid Kit - Manchester HMV Ritz

First Aid Kit have long basked in the warm glow of Music Fix affection and tonight's sold-out show proved that warmth now extends far beyond the rarified atmosphere of this stinky office. It's not just the audience that has grown, the Swedish duo's confidence now extends to starting things off with 'In The Morning', the lead track from their 2009 debut The Big Black and Blue, the a capella intro a startling reminder of what phenomenal voices these two young women possess.

With older sister Klara on lead vocals and guitar and Johanna on keyboard (with the addition of a drummer to help fill out the sound), the duo performed a generous set encompassing tracks from both their debut and acclaimed second album The Lion's Roar as well as a couple of covers, including a spine-tingling rendition of the Simon and Garfunkel's 'America'.

The ladies were in a playful mood, no doubt spurred on by the audience's ecstatic reception. Doing away with "modern technology" the duo walked to the front of the stage for an unplugged version of the lovely 'Ghost Town' from the debut. Other highlights of the evening included a haunting performance of the wonderful 'Wolf' and a rocked-out version of new single 'The Lion's Roar', replete with some pretty impressive head-banging and hair waving.

The mood as the crowd awaited the encore was heady and impatient, the three song finale ending including 'King Of The World' with opening act Idiot Wind went some way to sating the faithful. The world, as the saying goes, is their oyster.

Set list:
In The Morning
Hard Believer
Our Own Pretty Ways
Marianne's Son
New Year's Eve
Ghost Town
To A Poet
When I Grow Up
I Met up With The King
Lion's Roar

Sailor Song
King Of The World

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