Feeder - Portsmouth Guildhall

By the time the opening chords of ‘Just A Day’ drop, Portsmouth Guildhall is a sweaty mess. Friendly chaos wreaks to the sound of beer-fuelled ‘Der der der der! Der der der der!’ - a perfect end to Feeder’s whirlwind assault of hits from the past two decades.

An hour and a half earlier, Grant Nicholas, Taka Hirose and Karl Brazil assume their positions on stage humbly, lacking any rock star pretence - something that the trio are surely entitled to by this stage of their career. Sandwiching anthems such as ‘Feeling A Moment’ and ‘Pushing The Senses’ between lesser known tracks from latest album Generation Freakshow, Feeder’s confidence only builds as the set goes on, Taka’s growling bass firmly soldering each track together.

This tour marks a decade since the tragic suicide of former drummer Jon Lee, something the band don’t need to mention tonight. ‘Hey Johnny’, a track from their latest album written in tribute to their former sticksman is a fitting nod, Nicholas putting every ounce of emotion into his gravelly tones. The surprise appearance of ‘Sweet 16’ is a treat for the long term fans in the crowd, creating a bubbling frenzy of an encore building up to the stunning closing track.

With a back catalogue of this calibre, it’s no surprise that Feeder have a reputation of being such an entertaining live act. It’s not just their musical prowess, but a real chemistry between the band members and an obvious rapport with their audience which makes for sets as strong as this. Satisfying everyone from the mum who has brought her son to his first gig, through to the pissed few having a tug of war over a signed t-shirt, it’s mission firmly accomplished for the Brit rock trio.

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