Evile - Sub89, Reading

Guitarists Dave Silver and Joff Bailey may look and act an awful lot like Bill and Ted on stage, but Savage Messiah are no joke; it is an old school thrash attack, and everyone laps it up aplenty.

A band very much following in the wake of tonight's headliners, they can certainly hold their own and get the folks of Reading headbanging and throwing themselves (and each other) about with unbounded enthusiasm.

Savage Messiah have their third album just around the corner, and treat us to a couple of tracks off of it tonight; and on this showing, it sounds like one to watch for come next year.

There is little contention that Evile are a much better band live than on record; the overriding Metallica influence still hangs like a pall, but the sheer energy and ear-splitting volume helps to ease the burden.

Playing a fair amount from recent opus Five Serpent's Teeth, the new tracks come across very well as they show off the added maturity and know-how the band have gathered in the years since they first exploded on to the scene.

But despite the quality of these, it's the older, dare I say, classic Evile tracks that people are here to mosh to; every word of 'We Who Are About To Die' is belted out, and the encore of 'Enter The Grave' sees the crowd go utterly ballistic one last time.

The highlight is quite definitely 'Infected Nation', a song with so much balls as to tear your head clean off - brilliant fun!

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