Everything Everything - Manchester Ritz

The Ritz in Manchester is the sort of place where, if you stand still for too long, you’ll find yourself quite literally stuck to the spot. Fortunately for those pouring into the venue on this Friday night, Everything Everything are just the kind of band to keep your feet moving.

The unusually early start (and finishing time) caught many out, with supports Outfit and Dutch Uncles done and dusted by 8pm and it was almost an hour before Everything Everything came on stage. With a 10pm curfew looming, there was little room to catch a breath, with each track following in quick succession. Twice they paused briefly (once to tell a short story about living nearby) and being so used to Jonathon Higgs' falsetto, it's rather shocking to hear his naturally deep speaking voice.

The set played out more like a festival performance, cramming in as many tunes as possible in the timeslot. Playing through crowd favourites ‘Kemosabe’, 'MY KZ UR BF’ and ‘Photoshop Handsome’, they scattered the rest of the set with recognisable album tracks, saving ‘Cough Cough’ for the three song encore. Musically, EE were on top form but the weekend crowd seemed disinterested and disappointingly talky.

For whatever reason, and the scheduling was at least partly to blame, tonight just seemed rushed and something to get through. The pretty light show was entertaining, but Everything Everything might need to work harder to keep everyone engaged in future.

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