Everything Everything - Alexandra Palace, London

It’s a couple of months since their last London show, but Everything Everything’s latest outing was a far cry from their headline show under the arches at Heaven. Here they gave a quickfire half hour of support to Two Door Cinema Club, a band much of whose audience had taken advantage of the weekend to get their parents to take them on a trip to north London.

Despite the difference in audience, it felt like an Everything Everything headline show when their banner was unfurled to a massive reception. With benefit of hindsight, the joyful screams could just as easily have been a response to moving a step closer to TDCC’s arrival, or the thought of not having school in the morning.

With twilight seeping in through the glass windows and roof of the Palace, EE rolled out something like a festival set, their seven chosen songs including five singles. Back at Heaven it was the sharpness with which they realised ‘Cough Cough’ and ‘Undrowned’ that was most impressive, and – a credit to them – there was no sign of the band doing anything differently here.

Unfortunately, Alexandra Palace is no Heaven, at least as far as sound quality goes, and the massive reverberations from the great glass ceiling put paid to any nuance in their arrangements. Percussive details couldn’t be distinguished, and large parts of vocal lines were all too often lost to the vastness of the room.

The show wasn’t without charisma – the band was arranged around an energetic Jonathan Higgs in much the same way as Yeasayer organise themselves around Chris Keating – but there were few indications, save some overhead hand-clapping during ‘Kemosabe’, to encourage them to play again in this sort of venue. The only song that sounded as good as it should was the mawkish ‘Duet’, which, truthfully, has less potential to fulfil than most.

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