Evanescence - Wembley Arena

Evanescence are back once again to play a few dates in the UK off the back their self-titled third record, and Derbyshire rockers LostAlone have won the prize of opening this little tour. Meanwhile, 'special guests' The Used are utterly rubbish. Bland emo songs, devoid of melody, rockability or substance, they are met by 10,000 blank and bored faces.

As someone who has never seen Evanescence live, the big question was, especially at the end of a tour, could Amy Lee pull it off live? The simple answer is yes. Dressed in a rather odd flag-based get-up, she rules the stage upon which she stands, belting out hit after hit with a power and ferocity few can match.

She may not have the raw sex appeal of a Cristina Scabbia or Sharon den Adel, but there is an entrancing charisma to Ms Lee. More the odd girl dancing even after the music has stopped, you are simply unable to take your eyes off her. Not that the rest of the band offer much in the way of audience interaction, wandering aimlessly around in circles and staring blankly down at instruments. Only drummer Will Hunt seems bursting with energy, wasted as it is as he remains trapped behind his kit.

The majority of the set is unsurprisingly drawn from Evanescence, and whilst many tracks may not show up again, the likes of 'My Heart Is Broken' and the stunning 'Lost In Paradise' prove that the album is not without its classics. But they don't quite have that spark tonight's pieces of Fallen have; watching the triumphant, rousing rendition of 'Bring Me To Life' that closes the main set, with thousands of extra voices adding to the chorus, is a sight to behold and treasure.

Goosebumps make their appearance more than once, courtesy of Lee's use of a grand piano, but it is the finale of 'My Immortal' that is emotional enough to make grown men cry (Doesn't anyone do the dusting at Wembley?). Unfortunately playing the inferior band version, it is still a spellbinding and glorious end to a magical night.

NOTE: All Photographs are from the gig at Manchester Arena on 6th November 2012 and are © Mike Gray – no usage without permission.

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