Dear Superstar - Garage, London

The past couple of months have seen Mancunian rockers Dear Superstar take on a commendable amount of touring, first with one-hit grunge wonders Puddle Of Mudd in October, and now with ex-Guns ‘N’ Roses and Velvet Revolver bassist Duff McKagan and his band Loaded. Tonights show in London sees the end of this particular run, though with another short run of shows in December, it appears there really is no rest for these guys.

While the band might look a little like glam revivalists, the energy with which they take to the stage owes far more to spunky screamo bands, and as such the band bound about the room with unbridled enthusiasm as they showcase songs from upcoming album Damned Religion. While the crowd may start off a little quiet and unresponsive, vocalist Micky Satiar soon gets them nodding their heads to the swaggering and aggressive mix of classic rock and metal. Recent single ‘Our City Sleeps’ shows that the band have come on leaps and bounds from their earlier material, the relentless touring obviously having had an effect on them. While a portion of the more hardcore, old–school Guns ‘N’ Roses fans may have been left unimpressed by these young guns, there’s certainly a few here who have opened their ears to a band who may be onto something rather good.

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