Cradle of Filth - Bierkeller, Bristol

Donald Trump may be hell bent on destroying the world but London's Savage Messiah are bringing about the sound of war as they plow full force into their extended support slot at the Bristol Bierkeller on this dark and dank Saturday night. Having recently released their solid fourth album Hands of Fate, the four piece unleash new tracks 'Sola Corona','Hands of Fate' and their recent single 'On A Wing And A Prayer' rounds out their set. An accomplished band who, having been a support act for far too long, have to step up to headline status as their star ascends.

Cradle of Filth have been around for the best part of 30 years and are head and shoulders (more on that later) above the glut of British black metal bands that followed in their wake. Being the sole remaining member from their inception, lead singer Danni Filth, orchestrates and commands the rest of the band around him as they blaze through tracks spanning their career, even pulling out rarely heard tracks like 'Bathory Aria'.

Filth is clearly in a lot of pain and makes a note that he recently damaged his shoulder somehow and seeing as his vocal style demands he hold his microphone above his head, he doesn't let his visible discomfort get in the way of his trademark growl or shriek. The crowd suitably go nuts and seeing as though this is the last night of the tour, the interactions between band members and crowd alike holds a jovial tone even though we are listening to the deepest darkest of UK black metal at its finest. May Cradle of Filth continue leaving ears ringing for as long as they can.

Photos by Louis Du Toit


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