Cheryl - Echo Arena, Liverpool

With the Girls Aloud reunion clock ticking away in the background - seven days and counting - Cheryl (it's just Cheryl these days, you know) brings her first arena tour to Liverpool. It's a big deal - she's the first of ver Aloud to make it to her own headlining arena tour, which is no mean feat, although she's admittedly also the only member to make it to a second album. Cole arrives to the strains of 'Here Comes The Girls' - and it sets the stall out for a girls night out - perfect for the largely female audience.

Despite being three albums in, the first costume change brings with it a Girls Aloud medley ('The Promise' / 'Biology' / 'Love Machine) and she finds herself doing 'Call My Name' twice. But hey, it's great both times, and when the encore version comes with lasers, glitter AND pyro, who's counting? Her first arena tour comes with all the staples - dancers, myriad costume changes, giant video screens and an ever changing set, and there's no denying her energy on stage or amiable attempts to connect with the crowd between songs. Maybe it's a little by-the-numbers, but the Million Lights tour sends the audience home happy.

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