Bosnian Rainbows - The 100 Club, London

So what am I doing at The 100 Club on a cold, wet, miserable Sunday evening? Well, Bosnian Rainbows are showing off their debut record to London. Who, I hear you ask? To call them a supergroup brings with it too many connotations, but with Omar Rodriguez-Lopez (At The Drive-In, The Mars Volta), Teri Gender Bender (Le Butcherettes), Nicci Kasper (Art World Killer, Dark Angels) and Deantoni Parks (John Cale, The Mars Volta) all bringing their talents and experience along for the ride, this is one exciting prospect – in theory at least.

Rather unsurprisingly, it's a bit hipster central tonight, and the music is aimed squarely at them. Forget the proggy excesses that he has become synonymous with, Omar Rodriguez-Lopez is in full dream-pop mode, complete with jangly guitars and soaring hook lines. Teri Gender Bender prowls around the compact stage throwing strange shapes and pulling at her hair, playing the troubled chanteuse to perfection. Her vocals soar above the background din like an angel, albeit a decidedly twisted one, rising from the mangled and jarred ruins.

Bosnian Rainbows' party trick is drummer Deantoni Parks playing keyboards with one hand whilst simultaneously drumming with the other (although he does mainly seem to be producing percussion sounds with the synth, so it appears a bit gimmicky.) The songs themselves generally benefit from being in a live environment, the energy and urgency imbued lift them far above their studio counterparts. However, too often the songs descend into self-indulgence the longer they progress, with only 'The Eye Fell In Love' and 'Always On The Run', coursing with strong melodic currents, holding true and standing out.

The potential for Bosnian Rainbows is there on paper, but the project still needs work. Certainly better on stage than in the studio, mark this one down as an opportunity missed..

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