Architects - Buckhead Theatre, Atlanta

Architects - Buckhead Theatre, Atlanta

Architects recently released their 8th studio album, Holy Hell and kicked off their North American tour in late April with supporting acts, While She Sleeps and Thy Art is Murder.

I was lucky enough to attend, not one, but two of the dates along the tour. Catching them in Jacksonville, Florida at Welcome to Rockville and again at Buckhead Theatre in Atlanta, Georgia. To be honest, I was pretty blown away with the unforgettable performances.

The show opened with a set from While She Sleeps, another UK based band that released a new album, ‘So What?’ in March. Following a cancellation in Jacksonville, While She Sleeps was prepared to put on a crazy show, and that they did. Fans climbed atop one another’s shoulders to get a better view of their favorite band, and singer, Lawrence Taylor reached into the crowd, making sure each and every fan got an experience they would never forget. They closed out their set with fan favorites, ‘Silence Speaks’ and ‘Hurricane’.

Following While She Sleeps, Thy Art is Murder, an Australian death-core band took the stage to perform another high-energy set. In late April, Thy Art is Murder released a new single, and the title track of their upcoming album, ‘Human Target’. It was a magical moment when vocalist, CJ McMahon demanded the lights be turned up so he could spot a young fan headbanging in the balcony section. When asked, the fan said he was just seven years old and McMahon proceeded to dedicate their final song to him.

Finally, Architects took to the stage and everyone in the small venue rushed forward to form a huge mosh pit in the center of the floor. As Architects opened up their set with ‘Death is not Defeat’, the lights went crazy and set the tone for the rest of the concert. Architects vocalist, Sam Carter briefly spoke between songs announcing Atlanta as one of his favorites places to perform, as the crowd there always goes crazy, and that only fueled the crowd to go even harder. Carter has been regarded as one of the top screamers in modern metal-core and his live performance has me absolutely sure of that. The emotion and power behind each and every one of his screams was unlike anything I’ve seen before. At the end of the show, Architects closed out with ‘Hereafter’, currently their most popular track on both Spotify and Apple Music. Everyone went pretty wild for this and Buckhead Theatre security had one insane night, with crowd surfers coming at them from every angle. After a short pause, the band returned for a two-song encore and made sure to leave fans with a lasting impression.

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