Apocalyptica - The Forum, London

It’s a Tuesday night at the Forum, and classically trained Finnish metal band Apocalyptica are gracing the stage. They last played in the UK over the summer where they were seen on the Saturn stage of Sonisphere Festival.

The stage was in complete darkness when it came to their arrival. Mikko Sirén was first to appear heading towards his drumkit, Paavo Lötjönen and Perttu Kivilaakso stood either side of the kit, each on a raised ledge and Eicca Toppinen stood central. Still at this point you could not really see the band, all that was visible was their silhouettes with a strong blue backlight, and with this they started off with 'On The Rooftop With Quasimodo' and '2010' from their latest album 7th Symphony.

They continue with a song from album Worlds Collide before breaking into Metallica cover 'Master Of Puppets' which got the audience singing along - and some impressive windmilling going from Eicca and Perttu! The band were interactive with the audience with Eicca telling jokes and stories, and both Paavo and Perttu coming to the edge of the stage to engae with the front row. These guys live are just really amazing and entertaining, they are very talented musicians who have their own approach to metal that works, and although they started out as just a Metallica cover band, they now definetly have defined their own style and sound.

They were joined on stage by vocalist Tipe Johnson for a few numbers, such as 'I’m Not Jesus', and although he is a good singer, it is still not the same as what Slipknot's Corey Taylor brings to the original version. The band then sit together in the middle of the stage, including Mikko who is seen standing with a bass and they being to play two original songs from their new album, 'Beautiful' and 'Sacra'. The Forum at this point was just silenced, and people listened and watched intently.

They continue their set with an amazing selection of songs, including another Metallica cover, which again gets the crowd going. They end their night with an encore of old and new, and give thanks to the crowd for coming out.

Setlist: On The Rooftop With Quasimodo / 2010 / Grace / Master Of Puppets / End Of Me / I’m Not Jesus / Refuse-Resist / Beautiful / Sacra / Bittersweet / Last Hope / Bring Them To Light / Seek N Destroy / Inquisition Symphony / At The Gates Of Manala / I Don’t Care / Hall Of The Mountain King

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