Alter Bridge - Hammersmith Apollo, London

Alter Bridge’s well-received third studio album, AB III, was released earlier this month, meaning anticipation at the Apollo was high. Although I missed the support band Slaves to Gravity it was clear that they had warmed up the audience somewhat and as it was nearing the time for Alter Bridge to arrive on stage, the chanting began in earnest.

The band arrived on stage into complete darkness, and the screams and cheers from the crowd grew louder. Myles Kennedy approached the microphone, a blue light illuminating a cheeky grin to the crowd, before the band go straight into a song off their new album, 'Slip To The Void'. They follow up with 'Buried Alive' and 'Before Tomorrow Comes' from their 2007 album Blackbird.

After my three songs in the photo pit, I head up to the circle stalls to get a better view of the stage and enjoy the rest of the show. Tonight it was a mixed crowd of youngsters enjoying the hustle and bustle in the standing area downstairs, and older fans with young children enjoying the show from upstairs. It was clear from looking around everyone was having a good time, and most people who were in the seated area were standing at the back for a better view, or perched on the back of their seats.

The band continued with a great set list, and when 'Metalingus' was played everyone went crazy. Kennedy is not hampered by a lack of self-belief, his gritty, passionate vocals cutting through and the whole band seemed determined to put on a good show; Mark Tremonti's guitaring was especially superb.

During their encore they treated the audience to a couple of acoustic songs ('Watch Over You' and 'Wonderful Life') before bringing the night to a close with the Southern Rock groove of 'Rise Today'. Their rock star status continues to grow on this showing.

Setlist: Slip To The Void / Buried Alive / Before Tomorrow Comes / Still Remains / Brand New Start / White Knuckles / All Hope Is Gone / Metalingus / Ghost Of Days Gone By / Broken Wings / Ties That Bind / One Day Remains / I Know It Hurts / Come To Life / Blackbird / Open Your Eyes/ Watch Over You (Acoustic) / Wonderful Life (Acoustic) / Isolation / Rise Today/

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