Acid Mothers Temple - Corsica Studios, London

To try and string anything coherent together in the aftermath of an Acid Mothers Temple gig is straying into the realms of impossibility; the brain has been warped and mangled to such an extent by the psychedelic madness unleashed by the Japanese quartet, you're not entirely sure where the eighth dimension ends and the twenty fourth begins. Between Kawabata Makoto's frenetic continual soloing and Tsuyama Atsushi's inhuman and extraordinary vocals, complete with demonic bass playing and the signature AMT sliding synths, reality bends well beyond breaking point.

A set list is virtually superfluous, as each track bares only a passing resemblance to its studio counterpart, the band instead living in the moment and diving down the blind alleys of wanton improvisation. 'Chinese Flying Saucer' is still very much the far side of 'Whole Lotta Love', a strange exploration of uncharted territories others have feared to tread. And 'Pink Lady Lemonade' once again tests the limits of patience, but sink inside the little refrain and let it carry you far, far away...

Acid Mothers Temple really are at their best when they just let rip and make as much noise as quickly as possible, guitars howling in pain and drums beaten to within an inch of their lives, song structures and tunes be damned! Wah-wah and feedback now rule the sound waves. With one Strat already dismembered and thrown to the crowd, Makoto proceeds to play another whilst it burns as a particularly noisy except of ‘Speed Guru’ comes to a thunderous conclusion, before that too goes the way of the dodo in a haze of dry ice and electric squeals. A glorious, torturous, twisted couple of hours leaves us all in a rather satisfied trance as we file back out into the real world, not quite the same as when we entered.

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