Wake the President - Pollokshields Burgh Hall - Glasgow

The time was just like any other time, Friday night, feeling great, start of the weekend, what shall I do? Last minute decision, a Glasgow based band called Wake the President are playing a launch night for their new album ‘You Can’t Change That Boy’ at Pollokshields Burgh Hall. I think I’ll go; it’s only down the road. And we’re off.

Pollokshields is an affluent suburb of Glasgow, home to many of the old tobacco traders' red sandstone brick houses who made their fortune when Glasgow was known as the second city of The British Empire. The houses still stand, testament to their craftsmanship. Burgh Hall is one such building, a grand lavish one with no expense spared. It’s still used to this day as a venue for weddings, functions and clandestine Masonic meetings evidenced by the numerous Masonic symbols in the carvings and stained-glass windows.

Tonight, a first for Pollokshields, Burgh Hall welcomes Wake the President. With their enclave of supporters in attendance, the band get to work.

Wake the President bring the NOISE! Or at least they attempted to when they first came shuffling on in their white gentlemanly garb, sound problems not doing them any favours as the sound bounced about the room. I stand next to the sound desk, Mr Soundman; bring me a dream, a good sound for these gentle Indie chaps.

And so Mr Soundman hears, whirring away at the back, conveniently twisting his knobs just the way he likes them to get things going again. And that he did, delightfully scraggy haired little fellow he is as Wake the President proceeded to play a quite triumphant set in the face of unseen adversity.

After a shaky start, the band get into their groove, lead singer Erik Sandberg, singing his lyrics in his couth Glaswegian style with his brother Bjorn providing an elegant guitar backdrop to proceedings augmenting the band’s uplifting whimsical sound. When they play ‘Professor’ it gets the crowd-a-jumpin’; ‘Miss Tierney’ gets me and the people next to me a-jumpin’ then it gets a bit frantic with people dancing like they used to and still do at Belle & Sebastian gigs. I step over to the side from middle centre where the action is happening. The band continue the room's momentum with 'You Can't Change That Boy' and 'Remember Fun'. After a brief message to the people that helped them on their way from then on it was home run time for Wake the President as they finish being the fine patrons gracing this most handsome venue. And, as ever, at the end, they stop to receive a few pecks from their fine female maiden fans looking for eligible suitors. The various Glasgow music notaries in attendance may have been nervously looking on at these new pretenders to the throne seeking license to thrill earning the keys to the kingdom in the process from whence they can rule the scene, carte blanche and unopposed.

We the willing, accept the bourgeoisie sound of Wake the President, for the rest are not quite sufficient. Exit right from the Indie landfill and saunter forth, if you’re clamouring for a double shot of Smithsonian best then sample Wake the President, a group whose sound is made in perfect measures for perfect people. A band capable of greatness, great things comes to those who buy their debut album ‘You Can’t Change That Boy’.

Wake the President - Pollokshields Burgh Hall

Pollokshields Burgh Hall

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