Trouble Everyday / Giant Drag / Park Attack - Buffalo Bar

Park Attack are a Glasgow trio who clearly enjoy making a post-rock racket. They happily fuzz and pop away creating sonic spaces of electronic and guitar sludge. It's angular and jagged and meshes together in a spectacularly dense, impenetrable way. And that's the main problem with Park Attack; they're quite difficult to groove with, and inspire, to put it politely, more thoughtful consumption. There's nothing wrong with what they do; they do it magnificently, but about three quarters of the way through the set you wish they would do something else magnificently instead.

Not so Giant Drag; everything Annie Hardy does is magnificent. Giant Drag are a duo that sounds like The Kills mixed by Kevin Shields, her laid back, almost horizontal delivery, compliments her style rather than ambushes it. Hugely intelligent lyrics and a guitar sound reminiscent of being hit over the head with pillows stuffed with jelly, it’s a groove heavy, juddering set she delivers. She performs quite the most beautiful rendition of Chris Isaak's Wicked Game you are ever likely to her - her heartfelt, soft delivery at sharp odds with the spiky chords of the songs structure. Excellent. More please.

Trouble Everyday are a bunch of ne'er do wells from over the pond and no strangers to Artrocker. They've been here before and now their back to celebrate the launch of their debut album and to perform an XFM session. They've improved much in these last few months and are sounding as dangerous as they once promised. Tight, controlled and as angry as a hornet’s nest to which someone has taken a stick, Trouble Everyday give a performance that's as mesmerizing as it is entertaining. They sound like a collision between the Ramones and Joy Division, angled guitar lines and power chords just visible from the wreckage. Front man Kyle Costill is a bundle of nervous energy, you can almost see the energy he exudes but finishing up with a guitar smashing frenzy is a lot more convincing if you don't blatantly swap your guitar for a cheap one just before the song starts. Fakery aside, Trouble Everyday, if they keep this sort of performance up, might just get noticed.

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