Tiffany Page - Relentless Garage, London

Sharing the bill with Tiffany Page tonight were fellow label mates Goldhawks who used their set to promote their upcoming debut album Trick Of Light. Tracks like ‘Where In The World’ and ‘Running Away’ are made for the live arena with their huge choruses managing to soar even more than they do on record. The band do have a harder edge live than on record and there are times during the set when the guitars threaten to overpower the keyboard and vocals but they manage to just keep a fine balance.

Ironically though, it’s when things are quietened down for ‘Trick Of Light’ that we’re treated to the highlight of the set as it showcases the strengths of Bobby Cook’s vocals and also the tightness of the band meaning that when the inevitable epic final chorus arrives, it doesn’t just feel like a cliché thrown in because they felt it was needed but it does actually move you. Goldhawks aren’t subtle and while it remains to be seen whether they have other strings to add to their bow, it will be a while before this trick runs out of steam when it’s done as effectively as they do it.

Fresh from supporting Hole on their recent tour, Tiffany Page arrived at the Garage with a similar task that faced her on that tour albeit now in a more intimate venue – winning over a crowd not necessarily there for her. However after the hard rock opening of ‘Police’ where she prowled the stage looking every inch the rock chick, even if she was shaking a maraca and not shredding some riffs, everyone in the crowd was captivated and if they weren’t, they probably weren’t watching the same stage.

The first thing that grabs you about Tiffany Page is her voice which possesses a gravel edge to it that no 23-year-old should be able to do unless they’ve been chain smoking since birth. It adds a rawer and dirtier edge to songs such as ‘Seven Years Too Late’ which would surprise anyone expecting Page to just be another slice of rock pop in the vein of Kelly Clarkson and instantly makes you understand why she’s been compared to the likes of Chrissie Hynde but arguably Courtney Love would be a closer fit.

One of the most impressive things about tonight’s set is that it showcases the different sides of Page as she can not only do the down-and-dirty rock but also the big stadium hitters in the form of ‘Walk Away Slow’ and while ‘I Am The Blaze’ isn’t the most exciting song of the night, it still is an impressive attempt at a power ballad and shows that she isn’t content with allowing her music to be pigeon-holed. By far the highlight of the set though is upcoming single ‘On Your Head’ which, along with its catchy, upbeat chorus, has a hint of Americana about it and a final bridge that just begs to be sung along to.

While the crowd interaction is kept to an absolute minimum throughout tonight’s set, it’s understandable that the focus is purely on the music with Tiffany Page’s debut album Walk Away Slow out in August and as she leaves us with a stunning ‘Playing With Fire’, it’s yet another reminder that anyone looking for a rock fix with a dirtier, rawer edge should look no further than Tiffany Page.

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