The Sounds - Water Rats London

Swedish band The Sounds are currently touring the UK promoting their forthcoming album "Dying to say this to you".
London's Water Rats was packed for their headline performance creating a great atmosphere for my first gig of the year.
The Swedish five piece bombarded the capacity crowd with tracks from their latest offering and debut release "Living In America", including forthcoming single "Tony the beat", "Queen of apology" and "Living in America".
This was my first time watching the band live and I couldn't help but be impressed by singer Maja Ivarsson's onstage energy.
Spending the set either running around,balancing on the drum kit,swinging the microphone round her head or hovering over the front of the audience playing up her lead singer status she was a joy to behold.
Of course every decent front woman wants a good band behind her and Felix, Johan, Jesper and Fredrik all performed admirably, particularly guitarist Felix Rodriguez who joined in on vocals, including his own moment in the spotlight, taking the lead on verses for album track "Hurt you".
The band were a lot harder live than on record which reminded me of their future tour mates Shiny Toy Guns but you could still hear the Pop hooks shining through each number creating a Disco Punk sound clash.
The audience were more than happy to sing along,needing no persuasion to shout into the microphone Maja thrust in their faces with the gig getting a lot rowdier as the evening wore on.
The band ended their set with "Ego" with Felix and keyboard player Jesper drumming out front after Maja had made her exit.
It's always great to see a performance from a band that leaves you wanting more.I know I'll certainly be seeing The Sounds play live again this year.
"Dying to say this to you" is released in the UK on March the 19th.
You can listen to tracks from the album and view The Sounds very extensive forthcoming UK tour dates on their My Space page.

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