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The Sounds are a five piece Rock band from Sweden who mix New Wave radio friendly Pop songs with Electro beats to create huge singalong anthems. They took the UK by storm in 2007 with the release of their second album "Painted by Numbers", performing up and down the country, playing to an ever growing fanbase. The band seemed to fall off the UK's radar in 2008 but have now returned to make their mark all over the UK again, as they showcase forthcoming album "Crossing the Rubicon".

The Sounds were performing at London's Borderline, a venue about a third of the size of the places they were playing towards the end of their promotion for "Painted...". This meant that the gig was sold out long ago and that the intimate venue was packed with Sounds fans dying to see the band again.

I arrived at the venue around quarter to eight. There was still a little bit of room at the front at that point so I grabbed a drink and squeezed my way into a position near the stage. There was no support band for the evening so I had a lengthy wait until the band took to the stage at the back of nine. Luckily there were a few fans of the band that I had met at previous shows near me, so time passed quicker than it may have. Eventually the band arrived, with the now rammed Borderline crowd pushing their way forward to get a better view.

The Sounds kicked off with old favourite "Living in America" creating pandemonium, as the massed crowd moshed away, with the front couple of rows punching the air and stretching their arms out so they could touch lead singer Maja Ivarsson.

The crowd's energy was pretty much relentless throughout the set, even with the band rolling out countless tracks from the new album including songs (that may be titled!) "Four songs and a fight", "Beatbox", "Dorchester hotel" and forthcoming single "No one sleeps when I'm awake".

Each song's debut was met with an ecstatic response from the audience as they all treaded a similar path to the older material, making the new album a very much anticipated release. Of course the capacity audience had the chance to witness live renditions of Sounds classics, littered throughout the showcase gig, with "Hit me", "Queen of apology" and "Painted by numbers" all stand out songs from the evening.

The Sounds are one of the most energetic bands around, with lead singer Maja an exceptionally passionate frontwoman. I always think of her as a slightly cheeky performer, delivering aggressive rock posturing while slightly winking to the crowd. This also seems to rub off on the group as a whole as they come across as a very hard edged band but extremely playful with it and equally appreciative of the audience's love for them, with countless high fiving and hand shaking from Maja throughout the set. Guitarist Felix Rodriguez even took the time to wear a hat given to him by an audience member for a song's duration!

This was one of those gigs where you could actually see the condensation dripping off the walls. Even my camera was coated with a damp sheen! As the band wound up their exquisite set you could see they had all payed the price for their onstage exuberance, with each band member looking drenched, hot and bothered!

Of course the five piece weren't going to leave their baying fans without an encore so they took to the stage again, running through their breakthrough track "Tony the beat", sending the energy in the tiny Borderline up another few notches.

It's great to know that The Sounds have a new album out in the very near future as they're bound to hit the UK for tours and Festival dates at various points in the year. Something to look forward to very much ...

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