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Before The Rocks, a quick word about the support act, Kill City who were playing tonight as a two-piece ‘cos there’d been some sort of major argument in the week. There’s a good sign, isn’t it? Bands who fight are generally good bands and these are no exception. Featuring a female vocalist of quite astounding talent and a solitary guitar player, it’s clear there’s something major going on here. Intelligent and biting lyrics, amazing delivery and something else you can’t quite put your finger on. Is it charisma, or chemistry or something else entirely? Hard to say, but only three songs and away they go leaving a flavour of The Au-Pairs or perhaps X-Ray Specs hanging in the air.

Go and see them June 10th, when they play a Rock Against Racism gig at Infinity, and hopefully there’ll be a full band this time and if they’re this good with half a band, they’ll blow the roof off.

So, The Rocks, then. Listen, we wouldn't lie to you, The Rocks are quite possibly the greatest rock 'n' roll band in the UK right now. Sod that, make it the world cos no other band at the moment combines their sense of theatre, their musicianship and vomits it out in the general air of chaos they conjure around them. To see The Rocks is to see rock theatre at it's most vital but there's more to this band than simply acting like buffoons on stage. Any fool can do that, and The Rocks are fools for no one.

From the start, its a shambles. The Rocks look like they're on the verge of collapsing into all out mayhem at any moment. There's a small fight between James (vocals) and Mauro on guitar. Nothing serious, and it's all fixed a few minutes later but not before we're treated to an instrumental version of Sicko while the rest of the band cover up the friction. "What we doing next?" barks James and the next song cranks up. They might collapse into chaos at any point but when it all comes together, as it does 90% of the time, they sound like the greatest rock ‘n’ roll engine you’ve ever heard. Don't make the mistake of thinking it's just all about going to see a 'zany' singer; James is blessed with one of most searing, emotional, paint stripping set of vocals this side of Lemmy, and never forget that without a superb core of musicians around you, you can be the craziest vocalist in the world and no-one would give a shit.

Look at the way Sarah (guitar) moves to cover centre stage when James is on one of his jaunts to sing from the top of the bar. Look at Aiden hitting the drums like a bastard, listen to James as he quips - "Hey, look at us, we formed a band!". The Rocks look like a bunch of mates, a gang, who have simply formed a band and you can't fake that sort of chemistry. They move as one, creating the most fabulous noise as they do so and the music, though basically rock 'n' roll at its most stripped down has borrowed much from the blues, 50's crooners and punk and this gives them an edge over most standard rock copyists that infest the listings. Just one encore, a rousing, punk standard cover of The Misfits We Are 1:38 and they're away. It goes without saying you should see them if you get the chance and check out the website…

And they've some live dates coming up soon...

London Islington Bar Academy



SUNDAY 06th June

As Always, check venue for details...

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