The Pipettes, VV Brown, Ebony Bones + Rosie Oddie - Turning Point Festival Roundhouse London

Camden's Roundhouse was the base for London's first Turning Point Festival, with the venue hosting three days of music, circus, fashion, film, talks and workshops, planned and produced by "A team of young people with big ambitions" .
The previous evening's main stage event had focused mostly on "Urban" artistes, creating quite a rowdy atmosphere. Sunday seemed to be heading in a more "Girlie" direction, with fashion shows and hair styling displays the order of the day.
The venue had seen a bit of an overnight makeover itself as there was now a large runway coming from the middle of the stage.
A hair styling display was in full swing when I entered the main stage arena, with a catwalk parade of models following soon after.

Rosie Oddie And The Odd Squad were my first band of the day. I hadn't seen or listened to the act previously but i'd heard Rosie's father Bill mention them on TV on a few occasions.
They seemed alright, mixing slightly softer acoustic tracks with harder edged Rock numbers but I wasn't really concentrating on their performance much as I was getting to grips with the photo pit layout as there was a bit of clambering about to be done getting from one side to the other due to the runway splitting the stage in two.
Rosie and the following two acts all performed their first couple of songs accompanying numerous models strutting their stuff on the catwalk.

Although I spent a bit of time on the Saturday watching some of the acts performing on the smaller Roundhouse stages I decided to plant myself firmly in the main arena as I was looking forward to the rest of the evenings bill.

I had never got round to seeing Ebony Bones live so was unsure whether she was dressed for the occasion or if it was her regular stage wear. I eventually decided it was the latter as her band mates were an equally motley crew, including an a red indian type on guitar and backing singers resembling taller Oompa Loompas!
She was certainly a flamboyant character, upstaging the catwalk models, delivering a set mixing Electro Pop, Punk, Hip Hop and Dance with heaps of attitude.

I witnessed VV Brown's Friday night set at the Camden Crawl in April, loving her performance so I was eager to see her again.
VV's set suffered slightly from gremlins as one of the venues crew pulled out a cable on the band's laptop by mistake, removing all the backing tracks from the performance, meaning the band had to do their thing in a fairly raw style.
It was still an exceptional gig as VV's songs suit a stripped down backing anyway, with her Doo Wop Indie harking back to an earlier age.
Previous singles "Crying blood" and "Leave" were highlights of the set, with forthcoming single "Shark in the water" probably the stand out moment.

It had been a couple of years since I'd last seen The Pipettes live. In that time the girl trio had lost two members, gained two more, lost one of them and recruited someone else!
I believe they'd only played a few shows together in this formation, with the Roundhouse gig probably one of their biggest shows to date, especially as they were headlining the event.
Newcomers Ani and Beth seemed more than adequate replacements for the previous "Prettiest girls you've ever met", joining firm fixture Gwenno for the regular brand of Pipettes Pop, complete with the always entertaining synchronized dance moves.
It was almost like a new band on stage as the Pipettes back catalogue was only plundered for a couple of singles, with the rest of the ten song set consisting of new material.
Band leader Monster Bobby has penned some splendid new tracks, paving the way for a potentially great second album, with the slightly funky (for the Pipettes!) "My heart's a bomb", "Call me" and "Boo shuffle" all leaving a lasting impression on first listen.
The girls persuaded the audience to join in with a few moves during "Boo shuffle" with it's infectious "Shake shake shake, twist twist twist , stomp stomp stomp" chorus, seeing fans busting a few moves.
There were a number of audience members dancing throughout the performance, with the girls pointing several out as the set progressed.
The girls wanted a few dancers on the catwalk for the final song "Pull shapes" but I don't think security were too impressed with the idea so the crowd had to dance where they stood.
"Pull shapes" was a fun way to end the evening and the Festival in general.
I hope Turning Point returns again next year as it was certainly a good idea as it gave its generally teenage crowd a chance to watch some great live music and an opportunity to take part in events throughout the Roundhouse.

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