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Classic Punk / New Wave band The Members made their return to the live arena when they performed an intimate reunion show to friends, family and fans at the Inn On The Green in London's Ladbroke Grove.
The band are most famous for their legendary singles "Sound of the suburbs" and "Solitary confinement" from their "At the Chelsea Nightclub" release and their set comprised the album in full alongside some additional material.
After an absence of around 25 years the band took to the stage following an introduction from Phil Jupitas,starting the set with their instrumental album opener "Electricity".
The line up of JC Carroll and Nigel Bennett on guitars,Chris Payne on bass and Adrian Lilywhite on drums sounded as if they had never been away.
The 60's guitar twang mixed with reggae rhythms sounded brilliant to my ears,reminding me that The Members alongside their later labelmates The Ruts (who also Incorporated reggae alongside Punk) were far more than a Punk band.
Singer Nicky Tesco joined the line up as the band moved on to song number two "Sally".The band took a handful of numbers to realise how much the audience were loving the performance but it was great to see them really enjoying themselves after so long away, with things really getting going when single "Offshore banking business" appeared five songs in.
"Phone in show" saw the band really unwinding with JC and Nicky making the audience laugh with their phone in show skit during the instrumental break.
"Sound of the suburbs" made it's appearance in the set a lot earlier than I expected, causing the audience to go wild singing along,punching arms in the air and generally having fun!
One of the tracks not from "Nightclub" was the bands version of Larry Wallis's "Police car" which featured on their second album "1980 - The choice is yours". I don't know much about that album but I enjoyed the cover so I'll seek it out in the future.
After "Police car" the band played their debut single which Wallis produced."Solitary confinement" got an even bigger reaction than "Suburbs" with the whole room, including myself, singing along.
The set finished with "Chelsea nightclub" with the band returing for B side "Rat up a drainpipe" and their biggest US hit "Working girl" leaving the stage to a rapturous response, with the audience wanting more.
Having the opportunity to see the band in an intimate setting made me realise how talented they all are as musicians,both guitarists especially.
I think the band enjoyed the gig more than they expected and there are rumours of additional dates.
I would like to see them releasing a download only updated version of "Suburbs" to get a bit of publicity,playing three or four large dates Nationwide off the back of it.
I'm sure there's a whole new audience out there listening to the sound of the suburbs...

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