The Hussy's - Fly London

Glasgow band The Hussy's are currently touring the UK,delivering songs with more hooks than a pirate's convention, promoting their forthcoming EP - Tiger.
The Scottish sextet's release comprises the best numbers from their two hard to get original four trackers.
The band performed the songs during their short set at London's very intimate Fly venue.
This was my first visit to the establishment and the first thing I noticed was that it would be a squeeze fitting all six Hussy's on the stage.
Never the less they managed it and won the capacity crowd over within seconds of starting opening song "We expected".
The Hussy's appeal lies in the fact that the majority of their songs are so damn catchy!
Lead singer Fili voice lies somwhere between Cerys Matthews and The Rezillos Fay Fife and she has the stage presence to match both.
The band commented how happy they were with the response they were getting and with several audience members singing along to the likes of "Tiger", "Napoleon" and "Marty" it was obvious that people had been eagerly awaiting their performance.
The rest of the band including Steph on bass, Gordy on drums, Ronnie on guitar, Greg on keyboards and the band's songwriter Steve,also on guitar all seemed to be enjoying themselves,filling the songs out with excellent harmonies.
If there was any justice in the world The Hussy's would end 2007 as one of the UK's top Pop bands fighting it out with fellow Pop troubadour's - Lucky Soul at the top of the charts.Hopefully the bands tour and EP release will raise their profile,entertaining the masses along the way.

Visit The Hussy's My Space page to listen to tracks from their EP and find out if they are playing near you soon!

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