The Hedrons / The Violets - Metro London

Went along to London's Metro to catch two "Up and coming" acts last night.
Glasgow's The Hedrons were the first band on the bill that I wanted to see.The four piece all female group play a ballsy form of Pop Punk and have been doing well recently.
I last saw them live last Summer,playing to 10 people at the Twa Tams in Perth so it was nice to see that they had a large audience watching them at their latest London show.
The band have their debut album "One more wont kill us" due for release in February and their set consisted of tracks from the collection including singles "Be my friend", "I need you" and "Heatseeker".
The band have improved a lot since the last time I saw them and singer Tippi is a great energetic frontwoman.During the last song of the set Tippi decided to go walkabout,leaving guitarist Rosie,drummer Soup and new addition Gill on bass to keep it all together during her absence.She spent some of the song serenading the people at the back before bounding over the bar,helping herself to a bottle of Stella while finishing the number!
The band have a lot of UK dates lined up details of which can be found on their My Space page.
They are also performing at SXSW in Texas in March so our paths may cross there...

I hadn't seen The Violets before and only knew their music through the tracks on their My Space page.The impression I got from their performance was that their musical blueprint was the first four Siouxsie And The Banshees albums.They obviously had updated the sound and did their own thing with it but I was reminded of the Banshees several times through their set.
Lead singer Alexis's performance was interesting to watch as it was very theatrical, taking me back again to the late 70's /early 80's as there were elements of Siouxsie,Toyah and Hazel O Connor all in there.
I was impressed by the band's sound, especially as they didn't have a bass player.Guitarist Joe switched between spikey sheet metal chords and more florid arrangements while their drummer stepped into almost tribal territory on occasion.
I look forward to listening to a Violets album so I can return to see them live again knowing their songs next time round.
The band also have several UK dates lined up including a support slot with The Gossip.Details can be found on their My Space page.

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