The Go! Team - Leadmill

As you may have read in my other ‘Go! Team’ review, I think this band are quite possibly one of the craziest bands around at the moment, this gig only confirmed it for me.

Their lead singer known only as ‘Ninja’ kept the crowd interaction up all evening, by the end of the show she had the audience practically eating out of her (waving) hands. Getting them to chant ‘G-g-g-gooo’ (for the girls) and ‘T-t-t-teammm’ (from the guys) and waving arms in unison and generally keeping the shows energy high.
The band’s founder (Ian P) also has a seemingly endless amount of musical talent, constantly switching from his crazy harmonica to the drums alongside thrashing out on lead guitar.

TGT opened with their classic debut single ‘Junior Kickstart’, and ended with the non-titled ‘New Song’ playing practically the rest of the new album in-between.
Given how ‘cut and paste’ their album seems, the transformation from that to live piece works extremely well, although its obvious where things have been replaced in favour of something less cumbersome as a hoard of trombones in places. The highlight of the gig for me was the extended version of Ladyflash (as heard in one of the BBC Radio 1 adverts) whereby the band just went nuts after finishing the normal timed version and played out for the encore.

All in all, The Go! Team work just as well live as they do on disc and are well worth checking out. Unfortunately Sheffield Leadmill was one of the last in the tour, but they will be playing their home town of Brighton on the 8th March at the Concorde 2.

The Go! Team start the 'World' leg of this current tour soon, with the USA being toured later this month, and Europe and Japan between April and July.

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