The Dirty / Comanechi - Buffalo Bar

There comes a time when a band comes along that you just feel the need to evangelize about their wholesome goodness. A band that is at once instantly appealing and has all the hallmarks of a band that might have a deep and lasting resonance. Once seen, never forgotten. Comanechi (pictured) is one such band. A two piece, and so comparisons with The Kills and The White Stripes is inevitable and, for once, wide off the mark. The music is more brutal than either.

What you get is a female drummer/vocalist in the shape of Akiko Matsuura accompanied by a solitary guitarist, one Simon Petrovitch and between them they are capable of kicking up no end of racket. The guitar riffs are scuzzy and huge sounding; the sort that bounce off the walls. Power chords build upon one another and underpinning them is the faultless pounding and wailing vocals of Akiko. Akikois certainly a star in the making. Her utterly Japanese delivery, high pitched and desperate sounding, acts as a superb counterpoint to the fuzzbox heavy guitar. My Favorite Shoes is typical; "I wear my favorite shoes/because I know you like them" goes the verse/chorus and it's at once catchy and quirky enough to etch itself into your memory for ever more. Cam she sing? Of course she can't, not in the classic sense, but here it doesn't matter in the slightest. She's passionate, articulate and distinctive and distinctive is so much better.

Naked is the apparently true story of a man who went to meetings, well, naked, really and nothing more need be said. Rude finishes the all-too-short set. Imagine AC/DC locked in a box and falling downs some stairs in some drug addled Manga cartoon and you almost have them. Are you hooked yet? You should be. Comanechi could well be this years must-see band. A flabbergasting mix of Japanese oddness and dirty great guitar riffs. They'll slap you round the head and cannot fail to raise a smile. Pray you get the chance to see them, and have a look at the website, that you will find here and have a listen to them for yourself.

Photograph taken by Phil Hope Reproduced with kind permission.

The Dirty are a band that have enjoyed much press interest, and, for once its almost deserved. If The Darkness are a modern day Queen, then The Dirty would have to be Iggy And The Stooges with a small smattering of The Rolling Stones at their most dangerous. That's not an easy thing to pull off, as countless lesser bands have discovered, but The Dirty have a damned good try. The vocalist, Kyrill, is everything a vocalist should be. There's something cartoon like about him, as he cavorts around the stage, larger than life and twice as abrasive. The one thing he has that countless other Iggy/Jagger impersonators lack, is a fine rock 'n' roll voice; it sounds like a nail being pulled out of wood - raw, throaty and guttural.

The Dirty are nothing if not a physical band, their set resembles nothing more than a sort of musical explosion, as band members collide with each other, drum kits are sat upon and bass players are bullied. It's violence The Dirty are pushing, and there's something real about the chaos that enfolds. "If you don't come closer", glowers Kyrill to the nervous crowd, "I'm gonna come down there" and he does. Don't stand at the front during The Dirty's gig unless you have no problem with singers screaming in your face. There's a real sense that anything could happen during this set but musically is where the band falters slightly. They're tight and pack a lot of punch, but there's nothing new here, nothing that's not already been done before. It is heavily Stooges influenced, and that, of course, is no bad thing, but with the perfect delivery and strong performance you wish their songs were just a bit more memorable. That’s quite a harsh criticism, however, as it could be because the live show is so involving and mesmerising that the songs take a while to sink in. It's as a live act that really counts, and live they're wonderful - unstoppable, scary and often downright terrifying. See them if you dare.

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