The Bucky Rage - Pollok Social Club, Glasgow

Pollok Social Club is a venue in the South Side of Glasgow not renowned for holding cutting edge gigs. That’s all set to change with new nights such as La Roche Rumba and Ibop taking up residence. The venue itself is quite small but is basically one large room decked out in a red glow with lots of tiny mood lights and various gig paraphernalia on the walls that change with the organisers of each gig that is held. Together with the time-warp drink prices the venue should become well regarded in the Glasgow music scene.

Tonight, The Bucky Rage played at Pollok Social Club as the main act of La Roche Rumba, a new gig night which has the ambitions of becoming one of the best in Glasgow.

The band’s influences are open to interpretation but it’s safe to say they’re fans of The Cramps as one of the band members is wearing a Cramps T-shirt when they come on. Two of them wear cowboy hats and skull bandanas across the face, the guitarist, a wrestler’s mask, and the drummer, well, who knows what he was wearing but It looked like a strange mash of thick tights all rolled into one and worn over the head and face as a mask in true Leatherface style.

With the nitro-glycerine of the horror house movies House Of 1000 Corpses and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre fuelling The Bucky Rage, tonight they play a set of fuzzed-up Cramps inspired Americana rock, fit for the devil incarnate. It is apt that there be a Charles Manson poster on the wall looking over on the night’s crazed proceedings. Squawking feedback was being spat out like rotten chewing tobacco covering the crowd in a black putrid mess.

‘Wiped Out’ sounds like The Beach Boys dabbling in the occult practising black magic on their Vinyl platters in a manic surf frenzy, ‘Headlock’ recalls The Cramps at their very best, with swathes of noisy, distorted guitar feedback and garage riffs reigning supreme, smack in the face of the crowd. The 100 or so punters are mostly at the back as the guitarist with the wrestler’s mask on elects to have spectacular forays into the crowd with his guitar buzzing like a chainsaw with the chords to the band’s songs. I take photos and the guitarist starts coming towards me like a madman, I take a couple of quick shots, dash and make haste to the bar for cover.

It’s early days for this band but on this form tonight they have a solid chance of making an impact.

The Bucky Rage make perfect music for going out on the weekly rampage.

Photos by Jon Kane and taken with a Nokia N70 Camera phone.

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