The Boy Least Likely To - Scala London

The Boy Least Likely To popped into London's Scala to play their last show promoting their debut album "The best party ever".
Before the band took to the stage a barrage of balloons were released into the audience, creating a colourful display as the crowd were happy to play "keepy up" with them while waiting for the boys to appear.
The band kicked off their set with single "Hugging my grudge" and proceeded to play the majority of tracks from their debut including "I see spiders", "Paper cuts" and "Fur soft as fur".Along the way new tracks were debuted, sounding much the same as the rest of the set which is no bad thing.
During the performance the balloons that were released earlier were thrown in the bands direction, landing on stage and bouncing of band members but the majority were falling short of the mark dropping into the photo pit, turning it into a balloon minefield with a pop at every step!
A suprise came five songs in as the band covered George Michaels' "Faith".It was a fun rendition and the band were obviously enjoying themselves playing it.
As this was the last date promoting the bands debut album "The best party ever" there was an "End of term" atmosphere to the proceedings with band leaders Peter and Jof exchanging playful banter throughout the set.
I'm suprised that the band's album hasn't got them wider recognition as it's a great collection of pop songs in a quirky indie folk style.The band have toured with several mainstream acts so should be better known.Hopefully album number two will help matters when it appears.
The band encored with their best track in my eyes,single "Be gentle with me".By this time the party was in full effect as the band were joined onstage by two of their backstage team dressed as furry animals from the album cover, leaving the audience with big grins on their faces.
It may not have been "The best party ever" but it certainly was flipping good fun!

You can listen to "Faith" on the bands My Space page.

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