The Boy Least Likely To - King's College London

It may not have been the best party ever, but UK band The Boy Least Likely To certainly knew how to liven up a wet Wednesday evening.

This was support act B C Camplight's second tour with the band.
Having just got into London from the States after a long flight, singer Brian Christinzio invited the audience to move closer to cheer the band up, leading to a packed audience down the front.
They warmed the crowd over straight away with their piano based pop songs offering tales of love won and lost.
B C Camplight's music reminded me a lot of Ben Folds Five, which is no bad thing. I'll be picking up the band's debut album "Hide, Run Away" in the next few weeks.
I'm sure the band won several new fans at King's College, as the response from the audience was very positive.
B C kept their best song to last, finishing with album opener "Couldn't Tell You".

You'd be forgiven for thinking you were about to see The Sisters Of Mercy from the amount of smoke that poured onto the stage before The Boy Least Likely To's set began. The band arrived through a hazy mist and treated the audience to a great performance, featuring the majority of tracks from their debut album, including singles "Be Gentle With Me" and "Paper Cuts", alongside a couple of B sides.
There was a lot of banter between the two core members of the band, Pete Hobbs and Joff Owen, especially when Pete confessed he was getting fed up with lead singer Joff's onstage patter after hearing the same thing every night on their US tour.
Joff confessed that he had announced that single "Paper Cuts" had got to number one in the UK every night when in reality it hadn't even made it into the top 100!
The band were bemused by the continuing dry ice appearing every few songs, making Pete rather hard to see at times.
When they could be seen, all seven band members onstage looked like they were having a great time, and Joff's onstage energy is worth witnessing.
The band's debut album "The Best Party Ever" is available now alongside current single "Be Gentle With Me".
The band play a few more UK dates this week and will be popping up at various festivals over the Summer.

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