The Asteroids Galaxy Tour - Cargo London

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour are a six piece band from Copenhagen, centered on lead singer Mette Lindberg and band main man Lars Iversen.

The AGT's have only been together for just over a year but have done well for themselves in that time, landing a plum support slot with Amy Winehouse for their debut gig back home and releasing a couple of singles in the second half of the year. They first popped up on the UK's radar when their track "Around the Bend" was used for an Ipod Touch commercial.

An appearance from Mette on BBC2's "Never mind the Buzzcocks" helped to cement their name into the minds of British music followers, leading to a fairly heaving Cargo as Brits rubbed shoulders with numerous Scandanavian fans, already more than familiar with the band's output.

The band took to the stage in a fairly laid back style as set opener "Hero" is one of the softer songs in their repertoire but upped the pace immediately with possibly my favourite track on the album, "The Golden Age" which bounced along nicely, almost dipping into a reggae skank at times!

The Asteroids describe themselves as "musicians on a mission… dedicated to turning pop technicolour, making funk get down with folk and mixing old soul with psychedelia and spaced-out beats." Their set certainly seemed to be heading in the direction of their mission statement with the likes of "Bad Fever", "Sunshine Coolin'" and album opener "Lady Jesus" all delivered in style.

The band seemed slightly taken aback at the warm reception they received from the Cargo crowd, with Mette reflecting back on how they played one of their earliest gigs at the venue so it was great playing to a packed audience. There was certainly no shortage of fans of the band and the lady herself in the building, with numerous lovestruck males down the front hurling their cries of admiration towards Mette throughout the performance, the rest of the audience just happy dancing for the set's duration (or nodding their head if crammed down the front!), especially during singles "The Sun Ain't Shining No More" and "Around the Bend".

With debut album "Fruit" due out in May and a US tour in the next few weeks, including an appearance at Austin's prestigious SXSW music event, it looks like 2009 will be a good year for The Asteroids Galaxy Tour. I imagine there's a good chance we'll be seeing the band at numerous festivals this Summer where they're guaranteed to go down a storm. I'm sure I'll catch them live again sooner than later anyway.

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