Summer Sundae - Day Two - A Review In Pictures - De Montfort Hall + Gardens Leicester

Summer Sundae takes place on the grounds of Leicester's De Montfort Hall with bands appearing on four different stages. I last visited the Festival in 2005 so felt a return trip was slightly overdue.

I started my second day at the event dodging the rain while taking in a handful of early performances, with female choir Gaggle starting proceedings, followed by Nottingham bands Dog Is Dead and We Show Up On Radar, with local electro rockers Autohype delivering the first energetic performance of the day over on the Main Stage.


Dog Is Dead

We Show Up On Radar


The Moulettes

The first band of the day to make a decent impression on me were Manchester folk band The Moulettes. The group certainly dressed up for the occasion and arrived brandishing cellos, bassoons and the odd strange instrument! The band have just released their debut album and it should be a cracker; I'm sure I'll chase up a copy at some point anyway. I stayed around braving the mud down the front to watch the band for a bit after I left the photo pit enjoying what I heard.

Diana Vickers

Chart topping X Factor alumni Diana Vickers was next up on the Main Stage. I've actually encountered Diana live five times over the last few months, always having fun shooting her. She's one of my favourite current pop acts, with a debut album under her belt she should be proud of, so I hung around watching the majority of her set, at least until my Vickers fave 'My Hip' came round towards the end. Diana was on good form but she was struggling a bit with "Tommy" - the trumpet during 'My Hip' - and almost didn't play it, with only the chants of "Tommy!, Tommy!" from the excitable crowd changing her mind!


I had a lengthy break after Diana's set, sorting out my pictures at the back of the darkened Indoor Stage venue, before dragging myself into the pit to have a go shooting Tunng, only to leave after one song due to the venue's hideous lighting.

Tiffany Page

I left the Indoor Stage, making my way to the intimate Musician Stage for the first time that day to watch up and coming indie rocker Tiffany Page doing her thing. The Musician Stage is too small for a photo pit, so a large selection of photographers had assembled front of stage by the time Tiff appeared. I'd seen Tiffany play a couple of times previously so I was looking forward to her set and had fun from the off when her band kicked in with the intro to 'Police'. This was probably the best show I'd seen from the singer, with 'Walk Away Slow' and 'On Your Head' being particular stand outs.

The Go! Team

It was back to the Main Stage after Tiff for the highlight of my day - an appearance from rowdy dance rockers The Go! Team. The band are really exciting live and I hadn't seen them play for a couple of years so I was really looking forward to their set. I completely devoured both versions of the band's Thunder Lightning Strike when it appeared but didn't really buy into their second album as, bar of couple of tracks, it didn't work for me. That being said, I'm still chomping at the bit for album number three and their live set made me look forward to it even more as the band were captivating live, producing storming versions of the likes of 'Bottle Rocket', 'Ladyflash', 'Junior Kickstart' and 'Doing It Right' amongst others. It pissed down for the majority of the band's set but it didn't seem to matter as everyone was having fun anyway.

The Fall

It was back to the dimly lit Indoor Stage for one song from The Fall, followed by a trip outside again for my last act of the Festival Tinchy Stryder.

Tinchy Stryder

I'm a bit old for Tinchy's musical output but there was no denying how popular he was, with the predominantly teenage crowd screaming their heads off!

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