Spear Of Destiny - Islington Bar Academy London

It may come as a suprise to older CD Times readers that cult 80's band Spear Of Destiny are still touring.
The band fronted by Kirk Brandon released a handful of well received albums in the 80's including "One Eyed Jacks" and "World Service",selling out large venues over Europe each time they played.As the 90's took hold Mr Brandon took some time off,even reforming previous band - Theatre Of Hate for a tour then gathering together a fresh line up for a new Spear Of Destiny.
SOD have released several studio albums since the late 90's and a wealth of live albums,demo's and acoustic collections and have toured the UK countless times,playing to the old faithful and gaining new fans each tour.
Kirk Brandon now has a huge back catalogue of songs so you never know what you are going to get when you see Spear live.Recent tours have seen the man perform tracks from previous bands - The Pack and Theatre Of Hate but tonight's show at Bar Academy consisted mainly of SOD songs.
Spear's latest album "Loadestone" is a return to form for the band and is their best work in almost 20 years.It's a lot rawer than previous albums but the passion still remains.
Several songs from "Loadestone" made it into the set including "Age of unreason", "Pskotik" and "Last man standing".
The audience took a little while to warm up but when "World Service" favourite "Come back" appeared in the set a solitary woman started dancing down the front causing a few people to join her.When "World service" itself appeared next several of the slightly older crowd lost their inhibitions and started enjoying themselves more.
SOD's set was a great mix of the old and new.A lot of older bands are happy to plug their back catalogue all night but the standard of the new songs meant Mr Brandon didn't have to rely on past glory's to keep his audience happy.
A highly charged cover of the Ruts "Babylons burning" appeared towards the end of the set.Kirk Brandon is no stranger to performing covers as he's part of the "Supergroup" Dead Men Walking.DMW consist of several musicians from popular groups of the 80's with the line up changing each tour.the band have included the Damned's Captain Sensible,Billy Duffy from The Cult and The Alarm's Mike Peters amongst others.A variety of each band's songs are played so it makes an interesting night out.
By the time set closer "I can see" came round Mr Brandon seemed to be having a great night,conducting the now very boisterous crowd during the chorus to great effect!
The band encored with Spear's biggest single "Never take me alive" alongside their excellent cover of Joy Division's "Transmission" which appears on "Loadestone" and audience favourite "Liberator".
Any old fans should make an effort to catch the band on this current tour and the curious should head along as well!

The band play the following venues...

Birmingham Academy - Dec 5th
Newcastle Academy - Dec 6th
Sheffield Boardwalk - Dec 7th
Leeds Joseph Well - Dec 8th
Nottingham Rock City - Dec 9th

You can buy "Loadestone" here
Listen to several Spear tracks at their My Space page here

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