Sonic Torpedoes / Me Against Them - Buffalo Bar

Sonic Torpedoes on paper don't sound like they've much to offer, but live it's a different story. They're a three piece and the key word here is economical. Vocals switch between guitar and bass player in the blink of a song and this is something that works well; it lends a sense of variety to the very short set. Riffs are tight and controlled and the engine of the band comes in the shape of a pounding bass rhythm to each of the songs. Like a sort of sound steamroller, and then it suddenly hits you that the name of the band might not be as daft as it seems. It's a shame the set was so short, but there's not a dull moment and they leave us wanting a little bit more, which we don't get. Shame.

There's nothing controlled about Me Against Them but control wouldn't really suite these fellows idiom at all. A twin guitar based assault that's as sloppy as it is fun and these guys are great fun. With songs like 'I Am Napoleon', which sounds like The Pixies on punk powder, you'll find your head a-bobbing before you can stop it. And they don't stop there, singer Marty Shtrubel has a great distinctive voice, almost coming into Jello Biafra territory at certain points and when someone like that is backed by distinctive and competent musicians you have a recipe for something very nice indeeed. Something that's melodic, tuneful and shows an awareness of what makes a good song great. New single, 'Lustful Eyes' shows them off very well indeed. There's loud bits and quiet bits and it’s a rollicking good song. On the strength of this, you'll be hearing lots more from these. And that's something that will please you immensely.

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