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Legendary Punker, Goth favourite and general all round musical Icon Siouxsie Sioux returned to the London stage to promote new album "Mantaray" playing the first of two nights at the Capital's Mean Fiddler.
Siouxsie was supported on the first of her sold out shows by UK female fronted band The Violets.
I've praised the Violets before in a review but I thought they were a very odd choice to support Siouxsie as their sound draws very much on the Banshee's early years, making it all a bit "Stars in your eyes".
If it gained them a few new fans good luck to them but I did find it an extremely strange combination.
As i've lived with Siouxsie's "Mantaray" album for a while I went along to the show happily expecting a run through of her current release alongside a couple of obscure B sides as it's a gorgeous album.
While standing in the photo pit waiting for the show to start I managed to take a sneak peak at the setlist and did more than a double take as it was laced with several gems from the Siouxsie back catalogue.I took a picture of it so I was able to show a few people in the front row, making several very excited in the process!
Every so often you come across a show where the lighting creates a great atmosphere for the band but is terrible for taking photographs so I left the photo pit dejected after my three song allowance, knowing even my wonderful post processing skills couldn't save the evening!
My sour mood didn't last long though as my spirits were raised again with Siouxsie's performance as she switched between "Mantaray" tracks and old Banshee favourite's, having already rolled
out "Israel"and "Arabian knights" in the first three numbers.
A lot of the time when watching singers promoting new albums you get a feeling that the audience are just there to hear the old favourites and couldn't care less about the new material.This certainly wasn't the case at the Mean Fiddler as each "Mantaray" track was greeted like an old friend.
Siouxsie's new album sees her going Electropop with a lot of old style Glam in there as well.In terms of re-inventing herself she's giving Madonna a run for her money so hopefully it's gained her several new fans and reawakened the interest from old followers too.
The album was well represented with great live versions of "About to happen", "Loveless", "If it doesn't kill you", "Sea of tranquility" and forthcoming single "Here comes that day".
Siouxsie spent the set working the stage well, teasing the front row on a few occasions with promises of hand touches.
While she was working hard down the front her backing band were doing an admirable job behind her.I don't know if this is the same group of musicians she used for the album but they recreated the songs well alongside faithful renditions of the Banshee's classics that peppered the set including "Ju Ju" 's "Nightshift" and Beatles cover "Dear Prudence".
Siouxsie ended her set with the first single from "Mantaray" "Into a swan".I actually felt this was the best track of the night and it was great watching the faithful few at the front all singing along and punching their arms in the air.
After Siouxsie and co departed there was a huge roar of appreciation from the crowd, demanding an encore.On returning the glam goddess was presented with a bouquet from a fan in the front row.Unfortunatly it leaked water over the stage creating a potential death trap so proceedings were halted for a moment as clean up took place!!
Siouxsie told the audience that they were really just experimenting with the set list, suprising the majority of the audience (aka the ones who didn't look at the setlist!) with first single "Hong Kong garden".Just when you thought it couldn't get any better a glorious rendition of "Spellbound" kicked in, seeing Miss Sioux giving us all some old school Siouxsie dancing, bringing a big smile to my face.
Siouxsie and band left the stage again, returning inevitably for one last song.
"B side" "Swansway" ended the evening nicely,morphing surprisingly into The Doors "Hello I love you".

Anyone who has a ticket for Siouxsie's sold out show at London's Roundhouse is in for a treat.
I'm sure she'll take the show on the road next year mind you.
You can keep an eye out for Siouxsie news over at her My Space page.

Siouxsie's new single "Here comes that day" is released on October the 29th

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