Radkey - The Cockpit, Leeds

If it sometimes seems as if the all-powerful record business execs have been putting all their efforts and energies behind indentikit pop acts, it's been to the detriment of hungry young bands intent on just making a glorious racket. Thankfully though, there have been a few acts recently prepared to buck that trend, issuing ferocious records and backing it up on stage. The St. Joseph, Missouri brothers that are Radkey are at the forefront of the fight back, as anyone who saw their recent appearance of Later…With Jools Holland will attest. That appearance nixed their last scheduled gig in Leeds but they made up for that with tonight’s riveting performance.

Kicking things off with a slightly subdued ‘Out Here in My Head’ and ‘Little Man’, the lads were clearly finding their feet, but by the time Misfits-esque 'Pretty Things' gave way to the doom-laden punk of 'Feed my Brain' they were firing on all cylinders and they had taken the, at first mellow, crowd with them, careering through a set of tunes worthy of bands with far greater experience. They even inspired some knicker-throwing, which frontman Dee stuck over his mic and sang through the gusset for the remainder of the evening. The sing-along ‘N.I.G.G.A. (Not Okay)’ gave way to the almost unfeasibly catchy 'Romance Dawn' and then they were gone. Well, actually they just hid behind their monitors and drum kit before returning for a couple more rapid fire ditties, finally signing off with a mighty cover of The Ramones classic ‘Bonzo Goes to Bitburg’ that left everyone, young and old, with huge grins on their faces.

Young they may be but on this evidence Radkey seem unstoppable. Behind their baby faces are strong song-writing skills and some magnificent punk rock moves. The big time surely beckons!

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