Popup - King Tuts Wah Wah Hut - Glasgow

The year is 2006 and the time is now. The spotlight is currently on Glasgow, much like it was on Leeds and Sheffield in 2005. At this moment in time, a veritable clutch of new and upcoming unsigned bands are frothing at the mouth in order to get their music heard on a national level.

One of those bands is Popup, a quirky young Glasgow four-piece who played King Tuts Wah Wah Hut tonight to a sold-out and packed crowd. They’ve being causing quite a commotion with their recent gigs so tonight there was much expectation from the high turnout.

The band didn’t disappoint as the energetic set played tonight was a robust one and no mistakes were made. Tight-knit with an excellent rhythm section, the soft lilting Indie pop sound of Popup in recorded demo form, translated quite easily to a live setting with the Glaswegian accented singing style of the singer making for an interesting contrast with the band’s delicate guitar work.

On ‘Year In A Comprehensive School’, the singer's voice is soft and quiet at first and then becomes fast and frenetic and louder towards the end. It's already a great song to those that hear it tonight and it sets a high quality performance barometer as no song from then on didn’t equal or better it.

The jolly sway of the waltzing lullaby ‘Stagecoach’ played later on in their set was sublime to hear, with the crowd being particularly jocular in their appreciation and joining in with the ‘la la las’ of the song as it came to a close.

Towards the end, the increasingly inebriated crowd were being quite vociferous in their support. The joyfully ebullient jaunt of ‘Lucy What You Trying To Say?' got the crowd’s arms aloft and clapping their hands, helping to make for a perfect finish.

Popup seem to have that little bit of indefinable magic that helps to conjure up simply gorgeous songs that are completely evocative of where they come from. Even with their songs being quite raw sounding, with their incisive lyrics, Popup have a fresh sound unlike the current norm and make for a very interesting proposition for the UK music scene. If England has the Arctic Monkeys then Scotland has its very own answer in the form of Popup.

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