Patty Griffin - Oran Mor, Glasgow

Thanks to a few covers by famed artist (Dixie Chick, Emmylou Harris), Patty Griffin has finally started to be able to move beyond the confines of the US and expand to a European tour. Despite her extended absence from our shores, Griffin still retains the ability to pack a venue as she does tonight in Glasgow's Oran Mor. After the interesting and talented opening act, Glasgow's own Yvonne Lyon, Griffin and band take to stage for an energetic, percussion led opener showcasing the lower range of her voice. The recent emergence of the blues and gospel influences in her music are to the fore tonight, giving a different tinge to some of the older numbers. However, these are few and far between, as most of the material from tonight's gig is either unreleased or from her latest release (Impossible Dream). Not a single track from Flaming Red or Living With Ghosts make the final setlist which is a shame but barely noticeable given the all-round quality of the songwriting.

Her backing band put in a fine performance fleshing out her mostly acoustic compositions. The choice of using a restricted drum kit (no cymbals or kick drum) pays off thanks to her inclusion of an excellent percussionist who was able to support the tracks without overpowering them. Longtime Griffin collaborator, Doug Lancio, appears on the electric guitar adding echo-laden chords to Patty's gutsy acoustic playing. The set ends with a spine-tingling rendition of Making Pies, a delicate song of a working immigrant in an industrial Massachusetts town, followed with an encore of two songs. With her reworking of Springsteen's Stolen Car, Patty brings the evening to a close all too early for most assembled there.

Remaining European tour dates:
2005-06-24: Rescue Room, Nottingham, England
2005-06-25: Colston Hall, Bristol, England
2005-06-26: Folk Festival, Glastonbury, England
2005-06-28: Whelans, Dublin, Ireland

Thanks to SoundsFine for organising the tickets.

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