Party Horse - Cargo London

Party Horse are an Electro Pop duo consisting of DK on guitar and Ursula on keyboards, with both members sharing vocals. The pair pitched up at London's Cargo to play as support to Fix faves Chew Lips.

The band travel a similar path to the headliners, with a collection of catchy Pop on display. I don't believe they've got anything officially released yet but there's certainly a few good songs waiting to be unleashed to an unsuspecting public, including the two tracks on their My Space page "Lazer beam" and "Chinese takeaway". The real standout of the evening was their song about going to New York, a track that had me singing along to it's chorus before it's culmination so hopefully a recorded version will appear in the not too distant future.

With Ursula stuck behind her keyboard and DK tied up with his guitar there wasn't a lot of opportunity for the pair to sparkle. This was solved by letting the audience do it for them, with Ursula thrusting a sparkler in the direction of the poor chap standing beside me! Although possibly mortified he took it in good sport, holding it aloft until it burned out, gaining thanks from DK as previous sparkler candidates hadn't been so willing on the tour!

The duo seemed to do well amongst the Shoreditch crowd and they pulled in a decent selection of people compared to recent supports I've seen at the venue. Party Horse certainly show a lot of potential and merit further investigation if they come your way.

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