NME Radar Tour - Golden Silvers, Marina and the Diamonds - Manchester Academy 3

The NME Radar Tour train rolled into Manchester’s Academy 3 Monday night showcasing an eclectic and exhilarating line up of pop’s brightest young acts.

East Coast cuties Yes Giantess stirred up the crowd with their own brand of Tutti Frutti boy-synth-pop including ‘Sparks’, ‘Here We Are’ and the new single ‘Tuff N Stuff’, firing things up for L.A. band The Local Natives who showered the crowd with their expansive and glorious tribal-tinged folk rock. Their beautiful harmonizing vocals, lush guitars and driving rhythms seem to encapsulate the blue skies and wide-open spaces of their native California. Comparisons will be made to Fleet Foxes and Crosby, Stills and Nash but their sound has an edgier feel to it than the lush dreamy folk of these two bands. Stand out tracks included ‘World News’, ‘Airplanes’ and the rousing ‘Sun Hands’. Their debut album will be released in the UK on November 2nd.

Definitely one of the highlights of the evening was the highly anticipated Marina and the Diamonds. All diva arrogance and little girl charm, Marina thrilled the audience with her kitschy songs and virtuoso singing. Anyone unfortunate enough to have missed Kate Bush’s reign in the late 70s and early 80s may get their chance to experience something similar if the brilliance of these early songs keep their promise. Those may be big red shoes to fill, but Marina’s evocative lyrical poetry, acrobatic vocals and catchy melodies could just make her the new pop siren of the noughties. Beginning with the provocative ‘Girls’, Marina wowed the crowd with a stellar set that had everyone singing along despite only releasing one EP, The Crown Jewels. ‘Seventeen’ ‘Champagne’, ‘I Am Not a Robot’ and the magnificent ‘Mowgli’s Road’ replete with whoops and howls, completed the excellent performance.

Finishing off were London boys Golden Silvers, winners of Glastonbury Festival 2008's New Talent competition. The band played a set chock full of sure fire crowd-pleasers from their debut album True Romance including ‘Please Venus’, ‘True No. 9 Blues (True Romance) and finishing off with ‘Arrows of Eros’. The music, a cross between Love Boat lounge fluff and cool New York disco swagger, is so unabashedly fun and friendly that you almost miss the tongue in cheek camp of it all.

All in all, this heady mix of styles featuring bands from both sides of the Atlantic is proof positive that tomorrow’s music is in safe hands if this clever selection of new talent is anything to go by.

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