Missy Higgins - Koko London

Australian singer Missy Higgins Is a household name in her native country,selling out large Theatre and Stadium dates .She plays slightly more intimate venues in the UK,including a sold out show at London's Koko.
Missy was Joined on stage by guitarist Josh Cunningham,bass player Brett Canning and Tony Floyd on drums.
Her debut album "The sound of white" was released about a year ago in the UK so most of the tracks from the album were played tonight alongside six new songs.
Starting the set with the piano ballad "Nightminds",Missy had the audience captivated so she was able to preview candidates for album number two "Sugar cane" and "Secret" next and still have the predominately Australian crowd going wild.
There are a few uptempo tracks on "Sound.." but I feel Missy really delivers when she plays her heartfelt ballads."Don't ever", "The special two" and "All for believing" were all played tonight alongside a solo version of "Any day now" which gave me goosebumps and left me with a tear in my eye!
The new songs that were slotted in the set gave the impression that Missy's second album may be slightly rockier."Steer" sounded like the perfect single with it's "Pinball Wizard" style opening and catchy chorus.I'll be looking for it on "20 greatest driving hits" in 2008 anyway.
Missy finished her set with the single from last year "Scar".The rapturous response from the audience brought her back for an encore of new song "Going North" and album track "The sound of white".
Missy's music deserves to be heard by more people in the UK.When Missy's album "The sound of white" was released last year it failed to ignite the charts.With releases from Nerina Pallot and Sandi Thom sitting on supermarket shelves the time is right for Ms Higgins to make her mark.

You can stream Missy's album "The sound of white" on her official website

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