Male Bonding - Camp Basement, London

Entering the sweatbox that is Camp Basement this evening, a sense of genuine excitement is palpable. Not only is the 300th show for promoters Upset the Rhythm, but more importantly it's a celebration of the Sub-Pop debut of Dalston-based rock-trio Male Bonding. They've been creating quite a stir recently, and with the legendary Seattle label picking them up there must be something about this raucous band to attract their attention.

Tonight the band treat us to a complete run-through of the new album in order. This means short, sharp bursts of razor-sharp guitars and pounding drums. From the off, the Male Bonding boys whip the crowd into a frenzy as bodies go flying forwards and back, kicking off mic stands and generally making the bass players life stupidly difficult when it comes to singing, watching him try to follow the mic about the stage as feet kick it out of position. But everyones here to have fun and there's a genuine sense of joy floating around the room tonight.

This band are a truly exciting proposition live, and while their new record Nothing Hurts is brilliant, after this evenings show it's clear to see that the only way to experience Male Bonding is crammed into a tiny, sweaty club where their visceral, almost hardcore-punk attack makes complete sense. If you get the chance to see this lot, do it.

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