Lucky Soul - Barfly London

Lucky Soul take pieces of The Ronettes, Blondie and Saint Etienne and turn them into their own brand of sugar coated 60's tinged pop.
Fronted by Ali Howard, glammed up in green, the band brought a touch of style to the dingy Barfly.
The band's guitarist and musical guru - Andrew Laidlaw has created a host of great pop songs that cry out for a "Wall of sound" production.Amongst them "Give me love","Add your light to mine baby" and future single - "Lips are unhappy".
Ali's voice is equally at home singing bouncy fun numbers like set closer "Get outa town!" and heartfelt songs like "My darling anything".
Suited and booted band members - guitarist Ivor Sims, drummer Nathaniel Perkins and bass player Toby Fogell created the perfect backbeat for the evening.
Lucky Soul's debut single "My brittle heart" made "Single of the week" in The Guardian and from tonight's performance it's easy to see why.
They may be one of London's best kept secret's but pretty soon they'll be putting a sparkle in a lot more people's lifes.
You can listen to several Lucky Soul songs on the band's website and My Space page

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