Love is all - Kings College London

Gothenburg five-piece - Love is all headlined a London show at Kings College to promote the Iceland Airwaves event in October where they are playing as part of the "Drowned in sound" night.
The band were preceeded by Jakobínarína, a group of boys who spent their time jumping up and down on stage while waiting for puberty to hit,possibly Icelands answer to the Automatic and the tap dancing rabble rousing crazyness of Omaha's Tilly And The Wall.I may be slightly biased as a Tilly fan but I felt the evening needed to carry on upwards after the excitement of both bands but Love is all's set didn't quite reach the dizzy heights required.
I'm not saying the bands performance wasn't enjoyable as there was plenty entertainment to be had.The album "Nine times that same song" is a great collections of tracks,lifting the best bits of late 70's/early 80's female fronted post punk bands including Bow Wow Wow,The Slits and Kleenex and adding a saxaphone sound that's a mixture of X Ray Spex and Roxy Music.
The band's live show did their album justice .I particuarly loved album opener "Talk talk talk talk" and the singles "Busy doing nothing" and Make out fall out make up".
The album grows on me each time I play it so I'm certainly not ruling out a return visit to see the band live .

You can hear a couple of tracks including album opener "Talk talk talk talk" on the band's My Space page.

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