Lemon Jelly - Octagon (Sheffield University)

As ‘Dance artists’ go, Lemon Jelly are quite unique in a way. Not content with the usual array of mixing desks and laptops and themselves hiding behind scores of black and silver packing boxes which once held expensive mixing equipment, turntables and other assorted electrical goodies. Lemon Jelly (Real names: Fred Deakin and Nick Franglen) decided they didn’t want to do it like that… instead they created a total visual and audio experience, second only to a Pink Floyd concert back when four thousand lighting rigs and inflatable farmyard creatures were all the rage.

Playing a rare mix CD called ‘Jelly Tunes’ before the set, and introducing the support Don Partridge (A one man band, who had a #4 hit with Rosie back in the 60s) Fred donned his best Bingo calling voice for a bit of audience interaction to win said rare mix CD.

After this, Lemon Jelly rose to the stage to cheers and instantly began the amazing show of music perfectly encapsulated by the lighting display that went with it.
Dashing between Mixing desk, synthesisers, a rather odd electric cello and various electrical noise making bits and bobs both of them should, by rights, have been totally bushwhacked by the halfway point. This wasn’t the case, as both Fred and Nick were as energetic at the end as when they started their set two hours earlier.

Setlist wise, the duo played a variety of their songs from all 3 albums along with a few b-sides, with songs on the new album having their corresponding animations played from the DVD version of 64~95 on a massive screen projected behind them. The highlights of which; for the Lost Horizons section Ramblin Man; 64~95 section Stay with you and finally lemonjelly.ky section The Staunton Lick (although this was an encore technically)

If you have the chance to catch them on this current tour, then do so as you’ll not regret it no matter if you like Dance or Rock music.

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