Kerrang! Relentless Energy Tour 2010 - Cardiff University

Kneel the fuck down or fuck the fuck off!

The Blackout are having some crowd control problems. Not even throwing in the rather cutting fact that Norwich are ahead of them in the 'Who is the best crowd' stakes will entice the kids to kneel down on this floor and who can blame them? Kids plus booze plus moshing is a heady mix and it has left the floor swimming in a gruesome cocktail of vomit, glo-sticks and mascara. So, sorry and all that Blackout, the kids have spoken: Fuck You I Won’t Do What You Tell Me. Some of them head off to the merch stall to get their body parts scrawled upon.

The Kids!

We’re ahead of ourselves though so let’s rewind a bit. This is the fifth annual Kerrang! tour and it is showing no signs of flagging, the place is rammed to the rafters and the sell-out status is as much a testament to the power of the K! Brand as it is to the quality of the bands on show. At a time when the printed word is supposedly under siege Kerrang! is leading the way.

My Passion

My Passion

My Passion, occupying the stylised, gothic corner of the package, are a classic example of the DIY aesthetic done good. They’ve exploded out of MySpace and effortlessly make the leap up from barfly cult status to the bigger stage without turning a hair of their impressive quiffs. They understand the power of image and the kids respond with riotous, rapturous glee. After that explosive kick off the Young Guns come as somewhat of a let down and their YMAS lite set receives a more reserved, polite reception.

Young Guns

Maybe the kids are saving themselves for the homecoming of the rising stars of British rock for the reception reserved for Merthyr boys The Blackout is immense. They prove to be a relentless assault on the senses, their intensity matched only by their hyperactivity. It’s a set packed full of crowd pleasing metal, the highlights of which see Gavin crowdsurfing during ‘Spread legs, not lies’, Sean hugging the security guards, and the whole place erupting in total anarchy for the set closing powder keg of ‘I’m A Riot’.

The Blackout

The Blackout & Showsec

It is a hell of an ask for All Time Low to follow that performance but, emerging from behind a ‘showbiz’ curtain, they immediately capture the bulk of the hall in the palms of their sweaty hands. Their combination of innuendo, energy and text book power pop punk endear them to a crowd who’ve been raised on a diet of Sum41 and Green Day. All Time Low are far from rubbing shoulders in that league just yet but the kids are unphased, for this is their party and they’ll gladly lap up whatever is on offer. Turns out, the kids are alright.

All Time Low

Kerrang! Gallery

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