John Garcia - Electric Ballrom, London

It may be a decade and a half since Kyuss disbanded, and John Garcia may be the only original member on show tonight, but for the floods of fans who have waited years to hear some of these seminal tracks live, this is the next best thing.

The build up was slow; the pre-set soundtrack beset by long pauses between each track, teasing the expectant audience. Cheers were followed by sighs as another track kicked in; chants of ‘Garcia, Garcia’ rose up. Eventually the music was dimmed, as were the lights, and the backing-band made their way to the stage. They began with an instrumental song, 'Molten', to get the crowd going, before Garcia himself walked onto stage to mass acclaim. Without speaking a word, the intro to 'Thumb' began and the fans went wild, the crowdsurfing making the photo-pit a hazardous place to be! Withdrawing to the balcony for a better view, it was a treat to see a special guest appearance by Ben Ward from Orange Goblin for a few tracks - including the mighty 'Allen's Wrench'. Two genre heavyweights united as one in what turned out to be a set of genuine stoner gold.

Often the fear is, that after such a long break, the return of a scene veteran will be a disappointment. This was not the case tonight. The whole night was a great success and those who had waited so long were rewarded with something special. The end-of-set bow was much deserved.

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