Indiana - XOYO, London

Here's a conundrum for you: what do you do when an 'album tour' isn't an album tour? Having hit the top 20 with the addictive 'Solo Dancing', it seemed that Nottingham singer-songwriter Indiana had made the breakthrough she had been working towards since signing to Sony last year. A release date for her debut album No Romeo swiftly followed, set originally for August but, following a series of shifts, now set for January.

Fortunately, Indiana's been keeping busy in the interim, a succession of track unveils and single releases. It may ultimately mean that come the album release, there's little undiscovered about it for her growing fanbase, something she jokes about before 'New Heart' saying they're unlikely to have heard it as it's not online. It does at least increase the likelihood of a casual observer noticing one track and buying the album off the back of it, though. And it also provides one solution to our conundrum: you release a previously-unheard album track ('Jack') to mark the launch of the tour. However, isn't that just like receiving one slice when you ordered a full pizza?

Another solution, at least for Indiana, is to just play it like it is an album tour, saving the well-known hits for the encore and populating the main set with album tracks and the upcoming single ('Only The Lonely'). It's a solution that's not without its issues though, with a crowd that's appreciative but unable to get fully involved given the majority of the set is fresh to their ears. Fortunately, she has the capacity to deal with such trivialities in the form of a stirring and soulful voice that enraptures throughout, arguably even for the archetypal Shoreditch type entering the venue before us tonight, proclaiming "I don't know who I'm seeing". It comes to the fore on a breathtaking mid-set delivery of debut single 'Blind As I Am', with a finale sans instrumental backing that leads to prolonged applause.

So what is the solution to our opening gambit? Well, we'd be lying if we said we knew definitively but next time you're faced with it, ask Indiana. She seems to have the answers.

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