Iceland Airwaves - Day 3

Iceland Airwaves is a 5 day new music showcase situated in the heart of Reykjavík.
Since the first show in 1999 Iceland Airwaves has played host to some of the best new acts from the UK, America and Iceland.
I spent most of Friday daytime catching up on my sleep heading out to an instore at record shop 12 Tonar at about 5pm.
It was packed but I managed to squeeze myself through the door and found a space on the floor.
The first act I saw was Canadian singer songwriter Patrick Watson .
He was slightly similiar to Jeff Buckley without the vocal theatrics.I'll check him out again when he comes to the UK next year.

While the capacity crowd were waiting for the next band to appear the lights dimmed and a strange figure took to the stage.

He preceeded to do a short theatrical piece while playing three songs on his double bass.It was very odd but I suppose fitting as the shop sold a lot of classical music alongside their more alternative selections

The next set was one of the highlights of my trip.I caught local band Reyjavik! the previous night and thought they were a fun band.They were more like caged animals in the tiny enviroment of 12 Tonar and stormed through their set with their singer trying to cover every bit of ground in the shop pushing through audience members to serenade the ones at the back.At one point the singer put his arm around me and tried to get me to sing along.I couldn't help him,though I would have faired better with their rowdy cover of Bowie's "Changes" a few songs earlier.It was a highly charged and entertaining set.I've a sneaky suspicion that the NME may take the band to their hearts in the future.

I wandered the streets for a while before heading to see Tilly And The Wall's final performance at Iceland Airwaves.Their farewell show was in Kaffi Hljomalind an intimate coffee shop and saw the Tilly's squeezing into a small space with singer guitarist Derek standing on his amp to give the band more room.Out of the three sets the Omaha band played this was their best,with one of the most exciting versions of the bands mission statement "Nights of the living dead" I've heard in a while.This was my last Tilly show until they return to the UK in February so I'm glad they went out on a high.

It was back to Reykjavik Art Museum for the remainder of my gig going night.I caught the end of Canadian band Islands set but they didn't do anything for me.

The next band on the bill were even worse.Iceland's Apparat Organ Quartet were like a Happy Shopper Kraftwerk or a Hot Chip for depressives and bored me senseless.

Luckily Icelands Jakobinarina brought the smile back to my face with their infectious energetic music falling somewhere inbetween EMF and The Automatic.
My last band of the evening were The Go! Team.They were another of my reasons for making the trip across.I love the band's live sets as singer Ninja always does her best to get the crowd going.I enjoyed their performance but felt it wasn't as good as their sets at T In The Park and V Festival earlier this year due to the crowd not being as up for it

On my way out of the venue I banged into Tilly And The Wall and ended up wandering the streets with them in search of Alcohol.Something I would regret on waking the next morning...

You can find out more about Iceland Airwaves here

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