Iceland Airwaves - Day 1

Iceland Airwaves is a 5 day new music showcase situated in the heart of Reykjavík.
Since the first show in 1999 Iceland Airwaves has played host to some of the best new acts from the UK, America and Iceland.
After my trip to SXSW in Texas earlier this year I decided to give it a go.The first thing I noticed on landing was that it was flipping freezing!
So after dumping my bags I decided to head out to my first venue to keep warm and catch some music.
Like SXSW Iceland Airwaves uses several small venues that are fairly close to each other.There was slightly less happening on the opening evening so I decide to
stay at the one venue for the night's duration.
Gaukurinn is a fairly intimate venue,reminding me slightly of London's Islington Academy.The first act on the bill that I caught was Iceland's Cynic Guru.The band are led by Roland Hartwell a violinist from the Icelandic symphony.

It was fairly generic indie rock,especially during the early songs where Roland played guitar.Things improved greatly when he picked up his violin leaving me wanting to see more.
An army of young girls flooded to the front of the stage to drool over next band - The Telepathetics.Described in the IA brochure as "Infectious young pop in the spirit of Franz Ferdinand,The Telepathetics offer shiny faces and smooth vocals with danceable beats".They reminded me more of Muse without the fancy guitar work but they held my attention.There's certainly room for them to do well in the UK as they fall into the poppier side of Emo/Rock.

Hoffman were next up.Another Iceland band featuring four guys rocking out.They started off slightly grungey but got a lot harder as the set went on as the band blasted out riffs that were fairly heavy.I don't tend to listen to "Hard Rock" in the house but I did enjoy Hoffman's set.

I was originally going arrive in Iceland a day later but I decided to come earlier as I wanted to see my fourth band of the evening America's - We Are Scientists.
I've seen the band live a few times and always enjoy their peformance.This was the smallest venue I'd seen them in and was a huge contrast to their set at the V Festival where they arrived on stage on mini motor bikes.The highlights as usual were singles "It's a hit","The great escape" and "Nobody move nobody gets hurt".

Iceland's Dikta were my final band of the night.They had lots of people enjoying them but I found their brand of stadium rock dull and bland.The singer also wore a T shirt that featured a pretend white dinner shirt and bow tie which was enough to send me back to the bar to buy an overpriced drink!
You can find out more about Iceland Airwaves here

Day two should hopefully include double doses of Hot Club De Paris and Tilly And The Wall,The Klaxons,Metric and Love Is All...

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