Hurts - Coalition, Brighton

Hurts are one of those mysterious musical entities that everyone’s talking about regardless of the fact that they don’t seem to have done very much yet. They were pitted as the sound of 2010 before they’d released a single or even performed in front of people and it all smelled a bit like an industry coup. Who were these guys and how on earth have they built up so much expectation without any evidence?

Thankfully our answer was soon forthcoming. Somehow, Hurts have arrived on the scene as complete, actualised and a real pop sensation. It’s still early days for Hurts and every gig has that element of winning people over but from the instant they began there was the atmosphere of a new band’s first performance on Top of the Pops. We were seeing history. Hurts are here and they are going to steal your hearts.

Their sound is impossibly retro, with songs like ‘Illuminated’ sounding so perfect it’s as if they’ve always existed. Instant hit, ‘Wonderful Life’, could’ve been written by the Human League and soundtracked the eighties Blitz Kids. However, resurrecting a dead genre is a risky game and it would be a shame if Hurts crossed the line from inspired to pastiche. Fortunately, they come at us with true pop sincerity and their songs manage to sound fresh and convincing. They leave us too soon, but on a high with debut single, ‘Better Than Love’ - which duly sends the crowd berserk. It is basically the 21st century’s answer to the Pet Shop Boy’s ‘Closer To Heaven’ and let’s be honest, it won't be too long before Hurts are playing huge stadium tours choreographed by Robert Wilson, surely! We’re convinced. Pop music as art has returned to the world and Theo Hutchcraft and Adam Anderson are ready to take the wheel on the bridge of HMSS Awesome.

Hurts really are the exciting new band they’re being pitched as. If I was a bit younger, I’d want stickers to put on my lunchbox. As it is, I want a new suit and my hair cut like Theo’s. Also, if we’re compiling a wish list, I want an opera singer to follow me around looking stern and bringing gravity to everything I say and a smoke machine and cool lighting and... oh dear. Young love!

Set List

Silver Lining / Wonderful Life / Happiness / Blood Tears and Gold / Lonely Sunday / Stay / Illuminated / Better Than Love

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